An Appeal to Defend Free Speech and Academic Freedom


Read about Loretta’s case in The Nation this week!


Noam Chomsky, Institute professor (emeritus), MIT

Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights*

Jesse Sharkey, Vice President, Chicago Teachers Union*

Dave Zirin, Sports Editor, The Nation

Ahmed Shawki, Editor, International Socialist Review

Anthony Arnove, Editor, Haymarket Books

Scott McLemee, Inside Higher Ed*

David McNally, Professor of Political Science, York University, Toronto

The Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education (CACHE)

Mike Davis, Professor, UC Riverside

William Keach, Professor, Brown University

Deepa Kumar, Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Hector R. Reyes, Associate Professor, Harold Washington College, Vice Chair, HWC Chapter, AFT Local 1600

Helen C. Scott, Associate Professor, University of Vermont

Marvin Surkin, Professor, Long Island University, Ramapo College

Pranav Jani, Associate Professor, English, Ohio State University

*Organizations listed for identification only




This is an urgent appeal for your support to defend Professor Loretta Capeheart in her struggle with her employer, Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in Chicago. After four years of legal action, we are now awaiting a key decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals—a decision that could set a precedent for free speech rights on campus and possibly move the case on to the Supreme Court.




“In a case emerging as a major test of the free-speech rights of faculty members at public colleges, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit is being asked to decide whether Northeastern Illinois University could legally punish a professor who advised student activists by deeming her own statements of protest to be job-related.”

—The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 11, 2011 


Capeheart is a ten-year tenured professor at NEIU and a respected union and community activist. Capeheart has been a leader in union struggles, anti-war work and attempts to promote the rights of students and faculty, especially Latino/a faculty.  Unfortunately Capeheart and other campus activists face one of the most repressive and scandal-ridden campus administrations in the country, presided over by NEIU President Sharon K. Hahs, an arrogant opponent of student, worker, and minority rights on campus.  NEIU administrators have engaged in a well-documented history of retaliation against Capeheart for her principled activism. The administration has denied Capeheart a department chair position and earned merit pay increases, and waged in a campaign of slander against her.

In Capeheart v. Hahs et al., a Federal judge concluded that Capeheart could be punished for speaking out against the war because she advised a student club.  The court agreed with NEIU’s lawyers that academics have no right to free speech under the Supreme Court decision Garcetti v. Ceballos (2006).

In Garcetti, the Supreme Court stripped most government workers of their rights to speak in the workplace but made a footnoted exception for professors. In deciding against Capeheart, the lower court effectively ignored this footnote and left faculty—and all workers— with fewer rights. Other federal courts have similarly misapplied Garcetti. Now the pending decision from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals will either reject the new limits on faculty rights set by the lower courts— or further establish them.  Either way, this decision could then proceed to the Supreme Court.




  • Send emails, phone calls, letters to NEIU President Sharon K. Hahs


Sharon K. Hahs

President of the University

5500 North St. Louis Avenue

Chicago, IL 60625

  •  Support the campaign financially. Loretta has spent almost $100,000, well beyond her limited means in her attempt to defend free speech. Nobody can or should have to defend our free speech rights all on their own.We need individual and institutional financial backing to continue this fight.  You can make a donation by going to our PayPal button (above under Loretta’s photo).
  •  Show your solidarity by resolutions in your union, your faculty senate, or other organization through which you can gain support.

Differences Between a Folding & a Pocket Knife

Everyone needs a pocket knife! But, you will find hundreds, if not a large number of knives and folding knives that can be obtained. The first step is usually to decide whether you want a knife or perhaps a classic style tactical folder.


How can you set that is right for you personally? True, you’ve come to the right place! There are many factors to consider when deciding on the top pocket knives or a folding knife, which will give you a starting point.


1. Would you prefer standard or tactical knives folders?

  • Should not be true, and stick to this list to decide what you might want more than that.

2. What size knife you want?

  • In case you prefer a large knife, and options include a standard hunter and rancher full size. Most of the largest tactical knives, so that a multitude of possibilities. If you prefer a small knife, and a wide range of traditional patterns and tactics to reach most of the producers do smaller changes, such as BENCHMADE Mini Griptilian.

3. What is the type of steel would be in favor?

  • For many of the owners of a knife, a type of steel does not really matter. If traditional carbon steel or stainless steel, or even 440C AUS8 is acceptable, any decent knife high quality steel serves correctly. If more elegant as D2 steel, stainless steel or later, which is much easier to achieve in the industry and prefers tactical folder. Knives classic super-steel have a tendency to be much more expensive, but they are available.

4. You want to lock to hold the blade open during use?

  • If so, it is likely to choose a tactical knife. Uses almost every tactical knife sort of lock to prevent the blade from closing accidentally while you are using it. This feature is provided in traditional knives, but it is rare.


5. Prefer wood or bone handle or handles like synthetic contemporary?

  • In case you prefer to supply organic hot, you’re thinking in dealing with the components available in the traditional knives. If you are very comfortable with synthetic ingredients, and probably prefer discovered in tactical knives.

10473056_661465950596798_8836196626942317618_n6. Do you want to open or perhaps with the help of a thumb nail hole or to assist in the quick release?

  • If this is the case, and said he wants to tactical knife. There are very few traditional knives, and a form of bolt or hole, however, is very rare.

7. Would you like a certain paper?

  • If the number of blades, knives and traditional pocket knife is probably the favorite favorite. If you are interested only in the special paper, and to consider the tactical folders, and also offer the most with only one blade.

8. Would you like to carry a knife in your pocket or in the need to take their cut edge of the area?

  • If you want to take a knife in your pocket, you will most likely carry the traditional pocket knife. Most models have a tactical footage pre-installed Pocket.


Get through your options in these areas, and one can begin to decide what may be better uses for the knife. If you decide on a standard pocket knife companies such as the case of Boker knives, Buck knives knife classic line. If the tactical knife is more your style, consider Knives BENCHMADE, Spyderco or Kershaw knives. Check-out the Old Timer Knives review page if necessary.

Why Use a Quadcopter For Aerial Filming?

Quadcopter Will be stronger, and in the light of the stable aerial video quadcopter.

I am looking forward to buy a transmitter for my RC quadcopter I produced myself.

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Shimano BaitRunner Reel Analysis – Consumer’s Guide

Shimano-Fishing-ReelLet’s face it. You go out on a fishing trip and also you consider you’ve almost everything prepared. You might have your gear with you, and also you set every thing up pretty much in the appropriate way. Nevertheless, the fish usually are not coming. You verify and recheck every thing, still, absolutely nothing. So what is wrong? How come other people are reeling in the fish? What’s operating for them and not for you personally? So you glance in the guy next to you and also you notice the distinction.

Yep, it is a BaitRunner. A Shimano BaitRunner (oh yes, you’ll be able to turn green with envy now). Not merely may be the design beautifully sleek, its engineering is prime from the line.


However once again, Shimano has outdone itself with this new line of reels. Shimano is actually a Japanese multinational firm that manufactures cycling components and fishing and snowboarding gear.

They have created top-of-the-line items for these 3 sports. In generating sport fishing gear, Shimano Saltwater Fishing Reel continues to become the forerunner. They have usually been ahead of the pack.

You only need to appear in the more than 3,000 planet records that were caught with Shimano gear to become a believer. The Baitrunner is just an additional proof of this supremacy over other brands of reels.

A BaitRunner reel is similar to a fixed spool reel. The only difference is the fact that having a BaitRunner, it is achievable to bait fish having a closed bail whilst maintaining the reel in total free of charge spool.

The Shimano Baitrunner includes a one-of-a-kind secondary drag technique. This makes it possible for you to feed out your line inside a tension-controlled free spool. So regardless of whether you happen to be fishing in the pier or from a boat, you might have the benefit of full management more than the fish.

Check-out What We Have To Say Finally

Among the best characteristics on the Shimano Baitrunner would be the specific grooved roller style. Its engineering ensures that loops and twists are kept to a minimum by enabling the line to evenly wrap around the spool. You would not have to be concerned about line tangles anymore. For immediate hooksetting power, the Baitrunner includes a one-way roller bearing that removes all back play on the manage.

Convinced but? There’s much more. The Shimano BaitRunner, like all Shimano reels, is simple to keep and was made to offer a maximum output functionality for years. You are confident to obtain your money’s worth plus a lifetime of excellent fishing experiences.

Do You Want To Live Together With Your Loved One ?

If you decide to live together in the hope that his partner will soon come to love enough to marry you ; It’s a bad idea . Indicates that there is no trust in the relationship and are willing to swallow their pride and expose more effort in making people accept the value and very loved.

You can not succeed in it. If you feel that way you can be way ahead of the game if you pull out of that relationship and the search for a partner who accepts you as you are and loves you because of it. You can not make anyone love you . What you can do is learn to love yourself enough to not settle any relationship that is not fully met , the individual .

If you are considering this option because you think you’re really in love with someone , we have confidence in the relationship and we are now ready to explore the next step of living actually in the same space to see if they are compatible ; is probably a good idea .

Living together is a bad idea ? The expectation is that all of this decision

In this case , the difference is that marriage is a bond of commitment that ensures that you will have all of the long-term ; going to have a shared commitment to promote the happiness of others and to find solutions to conflicts . It’s much easier to leave the relationship when you simply live together.

Others are shy and commitment can never exceeded willing to live in something more solid. It’s just all what they are willing to give . If you know and accept that this is what it is and how your partner feels probably forever ; is probably a good idea for you .

However , other business people choose this option for financial reasons ; tax benefits , and social security benefits and a range of other economic benefits that can be obtained by staying one legally . So whenever there is a clear understanding of the expectations of both parties , and it is a good idea for you .

How to Make Him Commit

As long as there is no guile , no deception and have clear communication about the reasons that led them to live together and their future together that is acceptable to both parties , it may be a good idea coexistence .

About and understand what to expect from each other is the deciding factor on whether this is a good idea or bad .

If you do not have a good understanding of the reasons for a clear and honest communication about the future , and pain disorders expensive , and emotional for the movement … to save again .